Sylvie Monthulé Créatrice de Bijoux érotiques & d'Objets de Plaisir
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Sylvie Monthulé aux USA

Mardi 28 Juillet 2009

La Société W.P Store LLC diffuse officiellement les Bijoux Sylvie Monthulé !
La Presse Américaine  n'a pas fini d'en parler...



"The North American distributor for Rimba is now selling new items that promise to soften the company's whole product offering—a themed collection created by French designer Sylvie Monthulé featuring tasteful, unique and non-piercing gold- and silver-plated body jewelery.


Although Monthulé's products have been available throughout Europe for the past four to five years, this is the first time the products are coming to the U.S. "The products are non-piercing and that's why we do so well," said Charley Cook, president of Rimba and Sylvie Monthulé's distributorship. "There's a whole crowd of us in the 35 to 50 year age range who don't do piercings, but who like something fun and sexy to wear."


Of particular note is a gold-plated design that features a decorative zipper embellished with a small crystal created to wear as a thong. It features an elastic waistband that can fit many sizes, and to accommodate the customer, they will take orders up to a 60-inch waist piece. "These are cast metals, so they're not stamped," explained Cook. "Sylvie sat down and created a mold, and each piece is individually cast with beautiful detail and thick gold or silver plating."


Each piece in the collection wholesales between $30 and $75 and retails between approximately $60 and $152.95.


Twice a year Monthulé launches a new collection comprised of approximately 20 products, ranging in a similar price point to this collection.


For further information, contact The W. P. Store, LLC at (800) 260-2883 or (262) 446-2883."